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Your all-in-one website, adapted to your needs, made in less than 48 hours* and for only €380 excluding VAT instead of 760! That's what we are offering you at the moment. A complete website including a slider (see details below), a photo/video gallery, a contact form, the domain name, two custom email addresses, Web analysis tools... All the basics you'll need to introduce or promote your product, company, business, idea or concept. An elegant, affordable and particularly efficient solution offered by dragoweb.net, which details are listed below:

*See FAQ


  • Domain name and hosting included for the first year. The domain name extensions are .be, .com or .fr. Some other extensions are available upon request, but then the price may vary. The hosting includes a volume of max 2GB data, which is more than enough to meet your needs in most cases.

  • 2 email addresses are included in this offer. They are in the format 'NAME'@'DOMAIN NAME.COM', 'NAME' may be replaced with whatever you want (your first name, the name of your company...) and 'DOMAIN NAME' with the URL address of your website. You may then do a simple redirection to your email, an email client (Office Outlook, Firebird...) or an online management via webmail. If you need more than two email addresses, you can of course get that (optional).

  • Intuitive 'One Page' and visually pleasant website : For a quick and easy browsing, all the informations are centralized on a single page. This way, the user can easily find the information they are looking for without having to go through a maze of pages. The content, like colors, element positioning, images/videos, etc. is fully customizable. If you have specific needs, keep in mind that (almost) anything is possible.

  • Fits any screen : The website is entirely made with 'responsive design', a technology allowing to adapt automatically the display of the website to all types of screens (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC/Mac). It's a crucial point because more and more people use the web only via their mobile devices.

  • Slider : The first thing users see when they visit your website is the slider. This section allows to display an image and/or a slogan to make them understand the concept quickly, and to get them interested as well. Using the navigation buttons placed on the left and on the right, the user can display some other images. There may be as many images as you like, but it is not advised to put more than 3, because the loading time of the website may become longer, or even too long.

  • Image gallery with a lightbox : An 'Image gallery' section is also integrated to the website. We can add in whatever you want. The number of photos that can be displayed is almost unlimited, however you have to take into consideration the loading time of the page. 20 or 30 photos is an optimal number according to us. Finally, when any photo is clicked on, it opens up wide with a 'lightbox' that can be controlled with the mouse or with the finger on tablets and smartphones.

  • Video : It is possible to display one or many videos on the website. These videos may be from different sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook... They may be in HD or UHD (4K) formats. It's also possible to insert a panoramic video shot in 360°.

  • Contact form : To allow users to contact you via email, a comprehensive, light and efficient contact form is offered from the base offer. To have more details on this form, please visit the Contact section below.

  • Direct link to social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram... If you are using (or want to use) social networks as a communication means, representative and quickly identifiable icons are displayed at the top and at the bottom of the website. Feel free to ask us for advice if you are not familiar with this kind of media.

  • Search Engine Optimisation : This website was made taking into consideration the SEO imperatives for the most popular engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, to mention just a few. The natural SEO for these engines is therefore optimized. You may as well launch an AdWords campaign (among others) in order to guarantee your presence on the first pages of searches.

  • Statistics : You will have a free Google Analytics account as well, on which you will be able to know more about the visitors of your website. Number of visits, language or home country... Precious tools that will allow you to know them better and to find better targets for your advertising campaigns for example.


  • Multiple pages : If for any reason, a 'one-page' website doesn't fit your project and you need a 'multi-page' one instead, you can definitely get one using this base website. Feel free to contact us so we can talk about it.
  • Your logo : No logo? No problem! We can take care of that for you. We can design a logo for you that will match the identity of your brand/product at very attractive prices. Visit dragoweb.net
  • Photos/Video : If you don't have pictures of good enough quality to be featured on your website, we can take care of that as well. Visit dragoweb.net to learn more about that.
  • Newsletter : Do you want to stay in touch with your visitors? For that, we can integrate a newsletter subscription form. It's an information document that you may send periodically by email to a broadcast list containing all the people who are subscribed to it.
  • Other solutions : Whatever your needs are, be sure that you can count on us to find a solution that will meet your expectations. So feel free to contact us using the Contact form below or via our website dragoweb.net


  • Can the website be ready in less than 48H? : Yes, as long as we know exactly what you want, you provided us the required content (images, logo, texts...), and the payment (or down payment) is made, we guarantee a delivery in less than 48H! However, if you picked one or many of the options we offer, the delivery time may vary.
  • How do we proceed, since I live far from Brussels? : This is 21st century, and fortunately the current communication means are plethoric. Email, smartphone, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, mikogo, join.me, wetransfer, etc... there are more than enough online tools and they are more and more free and easy to use. We work with a principle of mutual trust, which has always been successful so far. Of course this doesn't mean that we are not offering all the necessary guarantees you should be expecting.
  • What are the other payment methods accepted? : We accept bank wires fom any Western Europe country. And if your project can't wait (as the bank wire option may take some time), we accept payments via the online payment platform Paypal as well.
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This is the contact form you may use to contact us. It is displayed here in its more common form, but we can add extra fields such as 'phone number', 'address', 'subject', etc. Please note that this form is protected against spam bots that are currently present on the Web via Google's ReCaptcha technology.
Concerning the Google Map displayed below, it is fully customizable, so we can display the location you want (city, neighborhood or street). Otherwise, if displaying a map doesn't sound relevant to you, we can replace it with a simple illustration picture of your choice.

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